S E R V I C E S   F O R   A R T I S T S   A N D   L A B E L S

We offer many services to enhance your music and maximize their potential within the market.

Global Distribution

You maintain 100% ownership of your Music, and control how your music is presented and distributed.

Spotify Windowing

Place your new release exclusively on Spotify’s premium tier two weeks ahead of your official release date.

Itunes Pre-order

Make your album available for pre-order on iTunes and select a tracks for instant download when fans pre-order.

Youtube Content ID

Earn money from YouTube whenever your music is used in a video, even if it’s just playing in the background of a video someone else uploaded.

Fast Distribution

Our simple upload process and dedicated support team mean it’s easier than ever to get your music onto iTunes, Spotify, and all other major stores. Just upload your music and artwork and it could be online in as little as 24 hours.

Ringtone Distribution

Earn revenues for ringtones and text tones. Distribute and sell your ringtones to millions of mobile users worldwide.

Free ISRC & UPC Codes

Provide you UPC & ISRC Codes so that you can distribute your music with ease and without any additional cost.

License Your Music

Earn royalties from sync licensing placements. Get your music in Film, Retail, TV, Games, Commercials and more!

VEVO Distribution

Get your own Artist VEVO YouTube Channel and make your music videos available on the second largest video network in the world.

Dedicated Support

Assist you step by step to make your music available online, if you need we are always here for you.

Thaziri Music is a young and innovative company is the perfect solution for producers, musicians and artists.

Earn money with YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, Google, Spotify and many more.